Puppy + Kitten Visits

Puppy or Kitten visits in the St Austell area

Puppies require more attention and feeding than adult dogs. Its a good idea for your puppy to have company as it helps socialise them and form bonds with humans. We at Paws & More can help with this, as well as puppies we can pop in and check on all of your fur babies if you need us in and around the St Austell area.

we love puppies

Leaving your puppy can be difficult as they need to be fed more often and crave love and attention, thats where you need a puppy visit – Paws & More can visit your puppy as many times as you want and keep them company, feed them and have lots of cuddles with them.Paws and more can even let them meet our dogs and cats for a bit of socialisation. We will even clean up their little accidents if need be. We love Puppies at Paws & More!


During our puppy visit we will use basic gentle training techniques that we have learnt from a fantastic dog behaviourist. We are more than happy to continue your toilet training as we have been there with a very stubborn pup and know how long the process can be.

Stuck at work?

Paws & More can do puppy visits at short notice, we can do puppy feeding too if you cant get back in time. We know to own a puppy or kitten can be expensive, so using Paws & More for your puppy visits and pet visits is the solution to a busy life.

Your Puppy is in safe hands

We have attended and passed a canine first aid course and will carry your emergency numbers and vets details with us during all visits. If anything occurs during our visit we will let you know immediately and will if necessary take your fur baby to the vets. Our pet taxi is fully insured to transport your puppy safely around St Austell.


We will always leave you a note telling you about your kitten and puppy adventures during our pet or puppy visit and will make sure your pet has fresh water, food (if required) and is calm and happy before we leave. If you require updates of your puppy visits or pet visits then we can text or email you. We can even email you photos via our Paws & More facebook and twitter pages.

We offer a bespoke pet service and try to tailor our service to your needs, we are very flexible and are always willing to help in any way we can. If you can’t find what you need, then please get in touch for a personalised quote and friendly service. St Austell area.
We love socialising our dogs with other dogs and puppies and would like to meet like minded people for a walk around the St Austell area. Our dogs are not perfect and could always use other dogs to learn from as they are the best teachers. If you have spare time on a Sunday morning for around an hour then we would love to meet up and let our dogs play and socialise with yours in an open air environment. Get in touch if you think this would be something you and your dog would enjoy.

We also run puppy classes and puppy training in and around the St Austell area. See our puppy training classes page for more information.
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