Pet Taxi

Pet Taxis in the St. Austell area

If you need to get your pet to the vet or groomers and have no transport we are fully insured to carry your pet to your chosen destination. We work around the St Austell area.

Pet Taxi

Our pet taxi is safe and all animals are crated. We have clean driving licenses and are fully insured to be a pet taxi. we have a specialist vehicle to transport your pets.


Your pet taxi can transport payment and can accompany your pet on the appointment. (You must let your vets know your pet is using the pet taxi service). St Austell vets are aware of the service and welcome it.


Pet Taxi is the affordable alternative to an ordinary taxi, who wont charge you extra for pets and wont make you pay for any little accidents your furry friends may have on the way.


Pet Taxi care about your pets and make safety our number one priority, taking the stress out of a difficult time.

We offer a bespoke pet service in the St Austell area and try to tailor our service to your needs, we are very flexible and are always willing to help in any way we can. If you cant find what you need, then please get in touch for a personalised quote and friendly service.

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