Dog Training

Dog training in the St Austell area

Carolyn will be heading up our training school and has had a wealth of experience training her own dogs and has been in training herself with IMDT in a career as a dog trainer. Carolyn is in ongoing training as she is completing a diploma in Animal psychology, along with a dealing with aggression and puppy priming courses.

Training walks - Puppies or adult sessions

Training walks are up to a maximum of four dogs meeting in a safe environment, where Carolyn teaches real life skills in real life situations. Dogs with specific issues can attend or even dogs that need to be guided with loose lead walking. Puppiescan mix or come to separate puppy walks, where recall, loose lead walking, problem solving tips and training is given.

One to ones

  • One to one consultations for any issues that your dog may have. We will visit you at a convenient time and assess the issues you may have with your dog. You will be given practical advice to improve any issues and future support to work through your issues with your dog.
  • Puppy one to ones – If you have a new puppy and would like advice to make your puppy a happy, healthy young pup then we can offer puppy one to ones, with anything from advice about nutrition, walking, socialisation, toilet training and playing. You will also be invited to attend puppy classes.
  • Problem solving – If there is a particular issue that you feel you need help with we can provide tips and ideas to help you resolve the issues ans continue enjoying time with your dog.

Pre consultation form

If you’ve booked in a consultation with us, please fill in our pre-consultation form at least 24 hours before:

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