Long time no see

Well its been ages since I’ve last posted. I’ve not been very well im afraid. I started to be sick and was very tired. I didnt want my dinner, so Mummy knew something was wrong. I kept getting very hot and had no energy. Mummies rushed me to the vets, who said I needed blood tests. She was a lovely vet and kept giving me cuddles. The vet said I needed to stay in over night so I could have this pipe thing in my leg. I didnt get any better and had to stay in for more nights. I missed my mummies so much, but they kept popping in to give me cuddles. Then I had to go to a new vet where they made me sleep and I woke up with a shaved belly. Then Mummies cried lots and cuddled me more and cried more. We took a long car journey and saw another vet, who made me sleep again and shaved more. When I woke up Mummies were crying again and said I had to have an operation. They said I had to have my ball bladder out? I told them I had those off years ago and how would I wee without a bladder? they said I had a liver shunt too that needed fixing. Mummies just told me its Gallbladder lol. So we waited a month and went back Mummies cried so much, snot and tears everywhere, I could hear them as I was taken down the hall, but pretended to be brave so they stopped crying.
After hours I woke up and was so sore, could hardly move and had pipes sticking out of my neck legs and everywhere. The nurses kept me warm and tried to make me eat. Mummies werent allowed to see me, but they came to visit a couple of days later. I was more interested in looking out the window to see what was going on. I was feeling a little better, but Mummies were still crying. Mummies then went home and said they’d see me in a few days with more tears.
Well Friday came and Mummies arrived very early I could hear them coming. I was so excited to see them and when I was finally allowed I ran to them for cuddles. I was so excited that i battered the automatic doors as they didnt open for me as im only little.
I was feeling better and have had to go back for more tests and appointments. Day by day ive been feeling better and better. I had my bloods done in April and they were on the lower side of normal, so things are perfet. Mummies have cried and cried almost every day since October and cried even more when they saw my results. bye for now.

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